MUMT 618: Final Projects

Douglas Beaton: 3D Finite Element Modal Analysis of a Marimba Bar
Mark Bennett: Physically-Informed Tape Echo Model using the Synthesis Tool Kit
Abhiram Bhanuprakash: Slap Bass Synthesis using Digital Waveguides
Mathias Bredholt: Sound Production in Recorder-like Instruments
Alex Daigle: Isospectral Drum Investigation
Camilo Gomez Bonilla: Flute Physical Models
Mathias Kirkegaard: A Banded Waveguide Model of the Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sebastian Laguerre: Refinements to the STK/SynthBuilder Piano Model
Néstor Nápoles López: Implementing a Digital Model of the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
Alan Ridout: Physical and Perceptual Effects of Heavy Mass Neck Screws for Saxophones
Josh Rohs: A Matlab Implementation of the Buchla Lowpass Gate
Evan Savage: Hammond Organ Effects Synthesis
Ajin Tom: An Auralization Framework for Virtual Acoustics
Harish Venkatesan: EVERT_matlab (Accelerated Beam Tracing)

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